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The Mood and Co

Candle Melts

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Sweet Lavender: Have you found yourself never stopping to smell the flowers? Well that all changes today! From one spark of this candle, you will be swept away with sweet vanilla covered in a bed of lavender… Now you can smell the flowers.

Strawberry Lemonade: Light this candle to get a summertime feeling every day with citrus and sweet strawberry notes.

Sacral: Healing Space: Light this candle and it will give you the energy to expand your sexuality and creativity

Third Eye: Feminine Energy: Light this candle when you want to feel like your most sensual and intuitive self …

Throat Masculine Energy. : Light this candle then you want to feel and smell the power and energy in your space.

Peppermint Eucalyptus: Light this candle to rejuvenate your space and your mind. This candle is an amazing stress reliever and a soothing odor eliminator. It will provide you with hours of relaxation and soothing aromatics.

 Crown: Sweet and Moody:  Light this candle when you want to uplift your spirits and energy with sweet scents that will get you in the mood

Solar Plexus: Rose From Concrete: Light this candle when you need to expand your power and pleasure you’re not just any type of flower… you’re a rose from concrete.


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